Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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About KITA

Today at 12:21pm

KITA the Musical was a success. I watched it for three times and still the play amazed me no less each time. I am so proud of Hafiz. Dennis Chua of NST has described his acting as “perfect” and his vocal prowess was “second to none”. KITA was Hafiz’s biggest achievement so far.

Having to act and sing for ten nights in a row was not easy. It needs a lot of commitment, discipline, courage and stamina. What more with the broken wrist that he suffered three days before the final show. But oh my…the boy really has a big heart! He continued acting without a glimpse of discomfort and pain. He’d given his best despite the misfortune. And for that we should be proud of being his fans.

Well, I am not going to comment much about the theater, you can read all about it in the newspaper. But, I was so touched by the friendship of Rahman, Cheong and Ganesh showed in KITA and how the differences, challenges and hardship in life make them even closer. And KITA reminds me of “us” – Hafiz’s fans or “his family” as he claimed to Michael Roa, his co-star in KITA. And from being Hafiz’s fans we become friends.

Dear friends, do you still remember, once upon a time, one year ago, we gathered at the LCCT meeting eyes for the first time, waiting for Hafiz at odd morning hours. Do you still remember the glow on our faces?

Dear friends, do you still remember, one year ago, at the KIA, we were so worried about Hafiz’s delayed flight? Do you still remember how anxious we were waiting for Hafiz to arrive for the dinner? And do you still remember Hafiz’s face when he saw us and tried to recall our name one by one?

Do you remember the “doa” that we had in the chatbox on the night of the launching of Hafiz’s first album? Do you remember the tears that we shed that night? Do you still remember the memorable times we spent in KL or Kuching or everywhere chasing after our Superboy? Ahhh….friends, do you still remember the joy and the laughter that we shared even without Hafiz with us?

It has been a year. We have been through a lot. Some friends are just drifting away, some are not talking to each other, some have doubt in their minds and some are trying to be on the top of everything...Duhh!! Hmmm….never across in my mind that being a Hafiz’s fan and becoming friends of Hafiz’s fans can be such a challenge. Isn’t it weird? God, friends, what are we fighting for actually?

There were times I think I just want to STOP. I can just be Hafiz’s fan without being his friend or friends to his fans. After all, I have played my part as an ardent fan – I bought his album, I request and vote for his songs, I bought tickets to his shows, I showed up at his big events – so that’s it! I am A FAN!

But I guess it is not enough. NO, it is never enough! For me or for you! Friends, deny it all you want, but I am sure deep down you agree with me!

Each of us wanted to be part of Hafiz or else we wouldn’t insist so much of him. We want him to return our calls despite his tiredness, we want him to reply to our sms or bbm or twitter or fb comment despite his busyness, we want him to acknowledge us for everything that we do for him and we want him to “pujuk” us for nothing… God, what are we doing? Friends, do you realize that sometimes we are being so selfish and insensible?

And Hafiz being himself abides to our selfishness and insensibility, because to him, WE are his family. I don’t befriend many people in the entertainment world, but I think what Hafiz has done to us is more than what he should. He has given bits and pieces of him to each and every one of us… in a different way (of course).

Dear friends, put aside the jealousy that we might feel for each other and scrap out all the negative thoughts that bugging our mind. If one word of apology can clear the air, then do so. There is no winner to be announced after all!

Friends, please forgive me if my writing hurts anyone of you. I may be wrong in my observation but I just love you all too much to let go…

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