Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Books Warehouse Sale is here!!!!

OMG!!! Please don't miss it guys! The prices is really worthit! From RM3 - RM60!!

All the books above total price is ONLY RM154! 7 of them is hard cover books!!

Here is the map.

Today at lunch time I bought 2 more books. One of them is below. :)

 I can't find this book. :(

There's no regret going to BBWB warehouse sale. I wish I can go there everyday from 10am - 9pm until 16th October 2011. The only regret was I didn't go on the 1st day of the sale which is on Friday. If not I might get Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger.





1. Make sure you have had something to eat @ drink before going there because you will be in there long to choose all these fantastic books available.
2. Bring shopping bags with you. Not plastic bag but your groceries bag for the book that you will carry before going to the cashier counter @ you can bring your travel bag.  No need to carry all the heavy books. Just drag them along in your bag. Very convenient!